Mad-Max Mouthpieces
  • MAD-MAX is great. I take it with me on tour. Very comfortable and easy to play even at the end of the third set. Thanks!" - Eddie H., NY
  • From pedal tones to cc, triple tonguing, slurring WOW! It's amazing. In switching between my Schilke 13 1/2 gold plated to the 3C I could not notice any difference. This mouthpiece is outstanding!" - Regent S., NY
  • I just got the mouthpiece (3C) I played on it for 1 hour and was amazed! It was very clear throughout the range. I was surprised at how fast it warmed up. It was almost hot as soon as I started playing. It doesn't fit my Benge very well (the Benge trumpet bore is slightly wider or an adjustable receiver would be better on this model) but it fits a Bach Strad perfectly. It sounded really nice. I'm going to play with my Yamaha and see how that sounds but I pleased with it right now." - Kelley R., KY
  • The mouthpiece (3C) is great. Quite a surprise. Everyone has commented on the projection and sound quality. Feels great. Thanks so much. It was great meeting you in Va. Beach last week. Look forward to hearing from you and your other products." - Bob R., VA
  • While at the TMEA convention I bought a mmtpt300. I have never had such a clear tone on my trumpet until I purchased this mouthpiece. It is great. I don't have to worry about it if I don't have enough time to warm up becaust the mouthpiece hardly ever gets cold! This is a good thing for me because when my mouthpiece is cold I can't play very long. Thank you MAD-MAX!!!" - Adriano G., TX
  • You can't get them stuck in the horn and they don't get hot or cold. What's not to like!? :)" Donovan B.
  • I love my Mad-Max mouthpiece, I'm always ready for the cold morning band practices!" Ezra L.