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Warranty Information

Your Mad-Max brand mouthpiece comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner against workmanship, materials and breakage. Please keep a copy of your original receipt in a safe place or simply REGISTER YOUR MOUTHPIECE online. If your mouthpiece was purchased directly from Mad-Max/Noteworthy Music Products no registration is required.

In the unlikely event that a warranty claim is needed, please Click Here and fill out the requested information. You will receive your Warranty Return Number (WRN) with instructions on how to proceed.

If your mouthpiece is found to be defective we will replace it free of charge. You will need to make arrangements to cover the return Shipping and Handling which can be done on line at the time you request your WRN or payment may be sent by postal money order with the returned mouthpiece. Do not ship the mouthpiece without receiving a WRN.

We will do our best to promptly replace the mouthpiece in a timely manner but shipment may be delayed if the item is out of stock. If the defective item is no longer available we will replace it with the closest model we have.

Noteworthy Music Products reserves the right to not warranty the item due to neglect or abuse. If your mouthpiece is not covered it will be returned. The terms of our Limited Lifetime Warrant are subject to change at anytime. You may have other rights depending on your state of residence. Contact us for details.

Thanks for purchasing a Mad-Max Mouthpiece! We hope you get a lifetime of use from it!

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